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  1. Projects
    1. Creating Projects
    2. Selecting Projects
    3. Viewing Projects
    4. Deleting Projects
    5. Editing Projects
    6. Populating Projects
      1. Selected Results
      2. Results from Query
      3. Live Query
      4. By API


Projects allow you to keep a labeled collection of wells. Wells can be either individual wells or a result set from a query.

Creating Projects

To create a project, click "Well Projects" in the left menu, then enter a name and description in the form fields. When you are finished, click "Create New Project". Once a project is created, it is automatically selected.

Selecting Projects

Before you can add wells or queries to a project, you must select one. This is done automatically when you create projects, however, you must manually select a project after each login. To select a project, click "Well Projects", the click "( Select )" beside the project you wish to select.

Viewing Projects

To view the wells in a project, click "Well Projects", then click the name of the project you wish to view.

Deleting Projects

At some point, you may wish to delete a project. To do this, click "Well Projects", then click the project name, then click "( edit )". Once you see the edit screen, check the check-box by "Delete Project?" then click the button that labeled "Delete Project". Deleting a project requires the check-box be checked as a safety mechanism.

Editing Projects

To edit a project, click "Well Projects", click the project name that you wish to edit, then click the link labeled "(edit)" beside the name of the project.

Populating Projects

Projects are useless without wells. Below are four ways to add wells to projects.

Selected Results

Once you have the results from a search, you may select well on the current page and click "Add Selected Results to Project". If you change pages, or change the order of the results, you will lose the wells you selected. You must Click "Add Selected Results to Project" before moving on. The selected results will be added to your project by the well's API number.

Results from Query

You may add every well from the results of query to your project by API by click "Add Current Query Results to Project" on the results page. This is discouraged if you looking for have a large number of wells.

Live Query

You may add a query to your project by clicking the "Add Live Query to Project" link. This adds the search, not the results to you project. It is a "live" query, in that the result set will change over time. For example, if your project contains a search for all active wells, the contents of your project will change as well become active or inactive. This method preferred when adding large numbers of wells to projects.


You may added wells by API on the Project Edit page. Each API should be on it's own line. Just about any format of API is accepted. Duplicates will be ignored.