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  1. Wells Info
    1. Information
    2. File Download

Wells Info

The well page contains all of the information we have on a well. It has two sections: information, and files.


This section contains digital information passed on to us by the DEC. The data is laid out simply: field names on the left, values on the right. A number of the values can be clicked to see other wells with the same. There are a couple special values:

  • Map: The values Google and Bing go to that location on each sites mapping service, respectively.
  • Close Wells: These link to queries of all wells within 1, 5, 10, and 15 mile squares centered on the current well, respectively.
  • Export to: This is the same as export except the query is limited to a single well.
  • Same Hole: Shows a list of wells that have the same physical hole.

File Download

The files section of a well displays all of the associated files for a well. Wherever you see a ZipCart, you can click the following link to add the associated content to the ZipCart. By the file listings, there are two columns with the headings "DL" and "ZIP". "DL" means download directly. "ZIP" means add the file to your ZipCart.