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  1. ZipCart
    1. What is it?
    2. Adding Files
      1. From Wells
      2. From Projects
      3. From Search Files
    3. Removing Files
    4. Downloading Files

What is it?

The ZipCart allows you to select individual or groups of files for downloading later is a single, compressed file. Each user has one ZipCart and it persists between logins. Once a cart has been downloaded, its contents is removed.

Adding Files

You must be logged in to use the ZipCart. There are three ways to add files to a ZipCart:

From Wells

Near the bottom of the Well Information page, you find a listing of files. Cart icons (cart icon) indicate that an item may be added to the ZipCart. Just click the icon to add the item or items. File type groupings usually have a ZipCart icon so that you may add all files of a certain type for a well. And finally, you may add all of the files for a well by clicking the cart icon at the top of the files section of a well.

From Projects

When viewing a project, you have the option of adding files to the ZipCart. Click the check box by each file type to include it in the selection. Once you have decided which files you wish to download, click "Add Selected to ZipCart" and all of the files of the selected types for the wells in your project will be added to the ZipCart.

From Search Files

When searching for files, you have two methods of adding files to the ZipCart. First, you can click the check-box by the files you wish to add, then click "Add Selected Files to Cart". Second, once you established the list of files you want via search criteria, click "Add Current Query Results to Cart" and all files in the search results will be added to the ZipCart.

Removing Files

To remove files from the ZipCart, first click "View ZipCart". You will be presented with a list of wells, then a sublist of files under each well. You can click all at the very top to check all files, or you can click the check-box by a well to select all files for that well, or, finally, you can click the check-box by each file. Once all the files you wish to remove are selected, click the "Remove Checked from Cart" button at the bottom of the list. If you wish to empty the cart, click the "Empty ZipCart" beside the previously mentioned button.

Downloading Files

There are two ways to download the contents of a ZipCart. First, click "Download ZipCart" in the left menu under "View ZipCart". Second, click "View ZipCart", the click "Download ZipCart" near the top of the page.